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Lets Get ! Powerfull Relax Foot And Leg Massager

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Powerfull Relax Foot And Leg Massager

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Product details of Powerfull Relax Foot And Leg Massager


Effectively massages your feet and calf
Three intensity settings
Auto-shutdown feature after 15 minutes
Detachable fabric cover for hygienic purposes
Helps to provide relief from knee, foot and ankle injuries
Soften the calluses
Reduces the effect of depression, tension, hypertension and nervousness
Improve the circulation of blood with the help of roller therapy
Ergonomic and adjustable footrest
Comes with 2 detachable fabrics
Helps to alleviate the several women related symptoms as the menopause, edema and Premenstrual syndrome (PMS).
Work with 220V
Power: 60 Watt


The foot and leg massager is also known as the foot and calf massager in some countries including Pakistan. it is the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to relax the sore and tired foot and calf muscles. This versatile machine can help to soothe your muscles that results in deep relaxation. Moreover, this massager also helps to improve the blood circulation, boosts the energy level and can provide instant relief from pain.Now you do not need to spend thousands of rupees in the massaging gym or sauna gym to calm your tired, sore and fatigue muscles. The same requirement can now be accomplished through the Foot and leg massager. Normally, all the massagers in this category come with an option of automatic and manual, but the foot and calf massager comes with the 3 vibration mode.Users can choose the intensity of the vibration according to their mode of requirement. These tri-vibration modes stimulate all the reflex points under your feet. As a result, you will feel the ultimate peace of mind each time you use the device. The massager can be used at home whenever you need to relax your muscles.In the next step, you have to plug the socket of the device in the electric socket.Now you are ready for the massage. Gently place your calf and foot in the massager.Now, switch on the massager and adjusts the vibrating speed of the massager that suits your needContinue to use the massager for at least 15 minutes or so. The device will automatically shut-off after the 15 minutes. So, you wouldn’t need to shut the device manually.

Package Content:

1x Foot And Leg Massager 
1x User Manual


Specifications of Powerfull Relax Foot And Leg Massager
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