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Foot Spa Foot Massager

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Product details of Foot Spa Foot Massager


Foot Spa Massager is a Pedicure Machine for women and men and is a great way to relax and rejuvenate after a tired day at work. These Foot Bath Tub With Warming, Vibrating and Bubble Massage not only give you warmth but its vibration and bubble massage will give you a jacuzzi like feeling. The foot rollers for a comfortable foot massage are the highlight of this pedicure machine foot spa which comes with Easy Portability Handle. The foot bath massager spa with heat vibration comes with a dedicated temperature control and LCD display and has a deep tub for more water capacity. Relaxation: After a long busy day, your feet will feel heavy and tired, soaking your feet in the foot bath will be a effective way to help you unwind and ease your overworked feet. Skin Care: Soaking your feet in the spa with suitable temperature will be helpful for softening the skin on very dry feet and exfoliate, achieving skin regeneration. Pain Relief: Some people with foot and joint pain stemming from arthritis will find that the foot spa helps relieve their discomfort.





The electric foot spa massage Combine acupressure, heating therapy, oxygen bubbles and frequency conversion in one unit to enhance blood circulation, relieves fatigue, improve metabolism to squeeze out toxin from our body that we gain in our daily life like polluted air, pesticide residues.



Heat can not only enhance therapeutic effect, but also help with swelling, throbbing, redness. Set your favorable temperature (between 95℉and 118℉/35℃-48℃) when you start the foot massager and the spa massager will heat the water up to the setted temperature, which can be maintained through usage without the need to add any hot water, ensuring you with a stable warm foot spa.


When the feet are in hot water, the blood which is congesting distant parts of the body is brought to the dilated vessels in the feet and legs. It will elevate the body temperature, relaxing tense muscles.


This foot tub pedicure spa is designed which allow to easy movement. And when you want to change the water or store the machine, it has a drain pipe for easy draining. Semi-enclosed design helps prevent water from splashing. A small removable case is set in the massager inside which spa materials like bath epson salts could be put for a better foot spa comparable to an authentic one.



After a whole day work back to home, Take off your shoes and throw yourself into a soft sofa but still feel something is lacking. Your body and the brain is released but not the overworked feet. What you need this moment is our foot Spa bath massager.


Package Content:

1x Foot Spa Foot Massager

Specifications of Foot Spa Foot Massager
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