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Lets Get ! 3 Step Brasil Cacau Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit 1000ml Each

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3 Step Brasil Cacau Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit 1000ml Each

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Product details of 3 Step Brasil Cacau Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit 1000ml Each

Thermal Reconstruction Keratin Treatment Smoothing Blowout  Cadiveu Brasil Cacau Step 1 Shampoo. Step 2 Keratin treatment. Step 3 Conditioner.

                                                                   Brasil keratin 1000ml Brasil shampoo 1000ml Brasil conditioner 1000ml

A Mild And Gentle Shampoo Containing Keratin. A Formula That Cleans Without Damaging Hair. Regenerates The Inner And Outer Layers Of The Hair To Promote A Smoother And Shinier Look While Reducing Frizz. A Popular Choice For Those Who Have Had A Straightening And Smoothing Keratin Reconstruction Treatment. Extends The Lifespan Of A Keratin Treatment By Removing Frizz And Preserving The Life Of The Treatment. Also Suitable For Those Who Have Not Had Any Treatment As It Will Act The Same Way By Limiting Frizz, Reducing Fly-Away Strands And Increasing Shine ** Products Are Designed For Home/Salon Use, However Specifically For Salon Use - You Can Schedule A Demo Session.
The delicate and effective hair keratin from BRASIL CACAU is a synonym for quality and stunning renewal results. Identical to the structure of human hair, it contains a high concentration of nourishing substances for the regeneration of damaged hair structure and long-term straightening. The brand offers an innovative approach to straightening and restoration. The technology stands out for its gentler impact.
Such a procedure doesn't harm the hair; on the contrary, it revitalizes it. Natural valuable cocoa butter - a rich complex of vitamins, minerals, organic amino acids, and fatty acids with nourishing, moisturizing, and antioxidant properties. And keratin, as the basis for hair health, the main protein element, the most important and robust type of protein, identical to the structure of human hair.
These active components provide an intensive hair renewal effect. The keratin blend has a high degree of penetration and integration into hair structures, filling porous spaces, eliminating damage, exerting a powerful regenerative effect, activating growth processes, conditioning, creating volume at the roots, smoothing cuticles, and covering with a protective protein layer. Hair becomes stronger, looks thicker.

Specifications of 3 Step Brasil Cacau Brazilian Keratin Treatment Kit 1000ml Each
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