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Lets Get ! Pack of 6 Piecs Set Derma Shine Facial Kit

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Pack of 6 Piecs Set Derma Shine Facial Kit

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Product details of Pack of 6 Piecs Set Derma Shine Facial Kit


All Skin Type 200Gm
100 % Original
6 pcs set
For all skin type
100% satisfaction



A good facial leaves your facial skin smooth, bright and flushed.Detailed review ofderma shineFacial kit.
1. Wash your face with Facewash derma shine have facewash in the facial kit.
2. Cleanse your face with deep cleanser.derma shinecleanser to remove make-up and wash your face. Use warm water, instead of cold or hot, since warm water is the best temperature for delicate facial skin. This cleanser is extract of orange. It will help to brighten up skin.
3. Use a facial scrub.Dead skin cells build up on the face and leave it looking a little dull. Ex-foliating your skin to brighten it up is an essential part of any facial routine. Use yourderma shinefacial scrub to gently rub away the dead skin. My Favourite product in this set 100% Best formula. Must try this you will blown away with results4. Give yourself a facial massage.Massage increases circulation, leading to brighter, healthier skin. Now that your face is clean, give yourself a massage before moving to the next phase of your facial. Use your forefinger and middle finger to massage your face in a gentle circular motion.
Massage your forehead, starting in the middle and moving down to the temples.
Massage your nose and cheeks.
Massage your lips, chin and jaw
Thederma shinemassage cream is in almond flavour with multi-vitamins & Honey. It gives skin the soft texture5. Next up is a facial mask, which will draw out impurities (like dirt and dead skin) from your pores. You can use derma shine facial mask, Its Skin hydrating facial mask in cucumber flavour. This is Professional wash off formula. It gives cooling effect to skin.
6. Polish it with gently. Next take little amount of polisher and apply on wet face & gently massage in circular motion. This skin polisher is extracts of Berries. And berries are always best polishers for skin.

Specifications of Pack of 6 Piecs Set Derma Shine Facial Kit
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